Becoming Well Informed

It’s a wonder that the present world we all live in, populated by mass media and a wizardry of information, is so bereft of well informed people. I can’t begin to express the importance of keeping oneself informed and educated. The immeasurable culture one possesses from a quest for knowledge can greatly improve any life.

At the advent of the internet, we had before us an information superhighway. Even before it began it was well presumed that it would become inundated with garbage. Pornography (not that I’m complaining) is rampant of course, but not just that. Every other mindless, inane purge of entertainment is on display as well. And it’s not good entertainment either. The type of entertainment we find on television in the form of reality shows, god awful sitcoms, and celebrity gossip is vast and popular. This is what takes the place of meaningful news programs, discussion venues, and educational television. Interestingly, this entertainment that has become so popular is not only trash, but it isn’t even good trash. It’s poor entertainment at best. The same goes for the internet. A ton of information can be culled from the internet, and even TV, yet it is brokered for our attention.


Taking the time to get your mind in shape is the most important thing any human being could ever do.

What’s ironic is the amount of people who complain how obtuse society is becoming, yet nothing changes and everyone complains. If we educate ourselves, we can save our culture, become interesting people and arm ourselves with the tools to tackle any obstacles life sets in front of us. It really doesn’t take much effort.

The History Channel used to teach us history. Sure, it was all the history about Adolph Hitler, but at least he wasn’t aided by aliens as that channel would like you to believe.

People, the ones responsible for our collective idiocy, can also change the culture by keeping up on recent and past events. I don’t know what to say to truly inspire someone to give a damn about using their brain. It’s the best I can do.


One response to “Becoming Well Informed

  1. Knowledge is scary. It’s much more comfortable to be entertained by people you can presume to be dumber than yourself than to actively learn something. Which, ironically is only proving ones own stupidity. I’m sorry sir, but no amount of pointing this out to anyone is ever going to change their beliefs or habits. All you can do is surround yourself with people who share your passion of pursuing knowledge and wisdom. So… you need to drink more whiskey with me.

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